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Alphabetic Code
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These additional handwriting resources available to buy are NOT ESSENTIAL to teach Debbie’s print or joined handwriting style successfully.

Teachers and parents can find full information and support, including the teaching ‘patter’ booklets, via the ‘Free Alphabet and Handwriting Resources’ page and Debbie’s presentation video.

These resources can be accessed as PDF downloads and printed out as required for an introductory one off price of only £9.00 plus VAT.

Learner-Practice Booklets for all ages: Handwriting

2 x 12 sides (A4) comprising cover notes and practice sheets (can be used individually or compiled as booklets).

Click HERE to download a PDF 'watermarked' sample - Booklet 1

Click HERE to Download a PDF 'watermarked' sample - Booklet 2

Visual aids to link spelling alternatives with the sounds:  Alphabetic Code

A very comprehensive range of spelling alternatives (= graphemes = letters or letter groups) which are code for the consonant sounds and the vowel sounds in English speech are provided in Debbie’s joined handwriting style along with fully-joined word examples.

These are not ‘trace-over’ practice resources – they are visual aids to link the graphemes (letters and letter groups) with the sounds they represent. Teachers will find them useful for linking phonics teaching with handwriting practice for learners who are over 7 years old.

There are two pdfs:

1 - seven sides (A4) of the graphemes for all the consonant sounds in English speech
2 - seven sides (A4) of the graphemes for all the vowel sounds in English speech

Click HERE to download a PDF 'watermarked' sample (consonants).
Click HERE to download a PDF 'watermarked' sample (vowels).

Buy Online Now - Instant Download

All of the above resources can be purchased (with watermarks removed) and instantly downloaded via the secure link below. Payments are via PayPal and any major credit or debit card can be used. Our introductory price for a limited period only is £9.00 plus VAT

Schools who wish to purchase our resources and pay by BACS or cheque, please Click HERE.

DEbbie Hepplewhite MBE FRSA

A video presentation of Debbie's
joined handwriting style

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Where can you get my print and joined handwriting fonts?

Rob and Carol Cockeram provide an amazing personalised service to supply schools with their preferred fonts. Carol has created software programmes so that schools can use my styles when producing their own school resources.

Please note: Take great care when you use the joined font programme in your school that you show the words joined-up correctly!

Contact Rob or Carol via their website at: